Passport for 16 & 17-Year-old

Please Choose New U.S. Passport Service if:

1. You never had a passport and applying for a U.S. passport for the first time.

Step 1: Gather and Prepare U.S Passport Application Document

For children 16-17 years of age:

At least one parent is required to accompany the minor to co-sign the application at the post office or the courthouse.

1. Completed Application DS-11 form online

​Please click on the link at the bottom of this section to complete, and create your passport application (DS-11) online. After you fill out the form online, you will see at the bottom of the page a button that says “Create Form”, please click the “Create form” button , and your application form (DS-11) will appear completed on your screen.

1. Please print two copies of the completed application form (DS-11)

​2. Do not print the form on the double-sided page 

​3. Do not sign this application form until you are instructed to during Authorization

4.After filling out and printing the form close the window to return to your passport instruction Click here to complete and create your application form (DS-11) online 

2.Proof of U.S Citizenship

Please  provide one  of the following

1. A certified U.S. birth certificate

​2. Original naturalization certificate

​3.Consular Report of Birth Abroad

3.Two identical passport photographs

​​Taken within the past 6 months, showing current appearance.Must be official passport -type and approximately 2″× 2″ with a clear background. The photo must be color. Do not wear a hat, glasses, or any item that covers the face. Face forward only, no side shot or profiles will be accepted. Homemade Digital Photographs are not acceptable.

Note: You can take your passport photo at Duane Reade, CVS or FedEx Kinkos

4.Proof of Identification.

​Please provide one of the following items if you have one:

1.State issued ID

​2.State issued driver license 

​3.Military I.D bearing a photo

​4.U.S Passport or Foreign Passport

5.Proof of Departure 14 days or less 

​​Please provide one of the following items if you have one:

​​1.A copy of your airplane ticket  

​​2.A copy of your itinerary from the travel agent or airline  

​​3. If you do not have a ticket or itinerary please Click here 

6.Letter of Authorization

1 Completed Letter Authorization form. Please complete and print out two copies of the Authorization Letter. This letter will authorize our company to submit and obtain a new passport on your behalf. (Read Instruction before completing)Click here

Processing Time & Fee

​1.U.S. Government Fees 

​​Make one check or money order payable to “U.S. Department of State” (this is the government processing fee).

​​Passport Book: $170.00

​Passport Book and Passport Card: $200.00

1. Write the applicant’s full name and date of birth on the check or money order.

​2. All personal checks must show a printed address.

​3. Do not cross out and rewrite any information on the check.

​​4. Temporary or starter check is not acceptable.

In addition to the fees above.A $35 passport execution fee payable by cash or credit card to the Post Office or Courthouse which you visit

2.Processing time & Services Fee:

* 8 to 10 Business day processing  

* 5 to 7 Business days  processing    

* 3 to 4 Business days   processing  (Must call in advance) 

8.Order Form

​​Click here to completely fill-out the order form. You will be asked to input your personal information and payment information.

Step 2: Get Your Application Authorized

All first-time applicants must have their application authorized by local government officials called Acceptance Agents(AA). Bring all of the list above to a Passport Acceptance Facility Click here and notify the agent using an expediting service to “hand carry”your application. As stated, please present all the above-listed items to the Acceptance Agent for approval. Applicant will then sign the passport application form in the presence of the Acceptance Agent who will witness your signature and select the following items from the above list to place in an envelope.

1.Application form (DS-11)

​​​2.Two Passport size photo

​​​3.Proof of Citizenship 

​​​4.Two copies of the Authorization form letter

​​​5.Proof of departure 

​​​6.Payment to “U.S Dept of State “

Note: Do not seal the payment to Aml Passport  & Visa Service or the Order Form Do not open this sealed envelope or the application will be invalid. Important: Make sure the agent return the sealed envelope to you. If the agent does not feel at ease about releasing the envelope, suggest that he/she refer to page 31 or 44 of their PassportAgent’s Manuel “Hand -Carrying of Executed Application”.


​​Print the following on the outside of the sealed envelope:

a) Full name

b) Date of birth

c) Departure date

Step 3:Ship Document or walk-in to Aml Passport & Visa Services​

Please bring the following document or place it in a FedEx or UPS Express envelope

​​1.The Government seal envelope from the Acceptance Agent​​​

​​2.Payment to Aml Passport & Visa Services 

​​​3.Order form

​​4.One copy of the Authorization Form (the other copy will be inside  the sealed envelope )

Ship to or walk in to 

Aml Passport & Visa Service

1441 Broadway

6th Floor

New York, NY 10018

Phone Number:(929)251-8277

Attn: Passport Department 

  • Call us or email us with your tracking number so that we may be able to monitor your package

  • Your passport application will be hand-carried to the passport office.

  • When the passport is ready, it will be sent to the address on the address on the “Return Shipping” form.

  • Please note a street address (not PO Box) and a phone number where you can be reached must be included.


* State Department regulations state that the application (DS-11) has to be submitted within 4-5 days of when it is dated. We need to receive the package the day after your envelope is sealed by the Passport Acceptance Agent. Please use an overnight service.

Passport Requirement

Proof of Travel

Proof of identity

Proof of Citizenship

Proof of Relationship

Proof of name Change